Children’s Dentist Office in Columbia

family dentist columbia, scAre you looking for a children’s and family dentist in Columbia, SC—and want something special for your family’s dental care? Our high quality care is provided by South Carolina licensed General Dentists. At Capital City Dentistry every single member of the team has a soft spot in their hearts for the littlest patients (and the tools, skills and background that parents demand). Going to the dentist shouldn’t be stressful, and that’s where Capital City Dentistry makes all the difference. Remember the years when it was exciting to get out of school for a quick exam followed by a cold treat? Let’s bring those days back.

For young patients, a dental visit should include an exam, cleaning, digital X-rays that are fast and minimize radiation exposure, and a fluoride treatment. Root canals, emergencies and trauma are also part of the Capital City Dentistry repertoire. In these cases, superhero-fast action is required as well as a pain-free approach.

Smiles are Our Specialty

Each dentist, hygienist and administrative team member at Capital City Dentistry has a knack for working with children and families. The waiting room is spilling over with entertainment, but don’t pick a favorite toy just yet. There’s not much waiting done in this area. The team gets right down to business, explaining the procedure in ways your child understands.

A lifetime of great oral hygiene starts in the early years. From learning how to properly brush and floss (it’s a skill forgotten even in adulthood) to understanding the importance of those annual or bi-annual check-ins, let the Capital City Dentistry team be the Robin to your child’s Batman. Everyone needs a little professional help, especially when it comes to keeping 32 teeth healthy.

A Beautiful Friendship

Teeth, jaws and the mouth are complicated and can have all sorts of trouble. From impacted wisdom teeth to cavities, tooth sensitivity to a loose tooth, Capital City Dentistry has you covered. A great smile isn’t just a sign of overall health, but it’s also intricately tied to self-esteem.

Make sure your child has something to smile about, starting with a fantastic grin that’s definitely school-picture worthy.

  • TVs in our operatory rooms and Hygiene bay
  • Private rooms are available upon request
  • Parents are allowed to stay with their child
  • Flexible schedules
  • No cancellation fee or penalties  for missed appointments
  • Same day care usually available
  • Parent/dentist interaction
  • After hours emergency consultations available for patient of records
  • Every hygiene patients leaves with a oral hygiene kit
  • Friendly Multicultural diverse staff
  • Partnership/hygiene screening available for local business, schools, and children organizations