Fluoride Treatments

girl smiling after receiving fluoride treatments in columbia south carolinaYou’re never too old for fluoride treatments in Columbia, SC. However, the younger a patient is, the more they’ll benefit from this influx of minerals that can make teeth stronger and healthier for life. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in a variety of foods and drinks. However, most people don’t get enough of it, and not all cities add fluoride to their drinking water. The good news for those in Columbia and Richland County is that there is indeed fluoride added to the water—but that still doesn’t mean you and your family are getting enough.

Between the ages of six months and sixteen years, children benefit the most from fluoride. Their adult teeth effectively “soak up” all the fluoride and it becomes part of their teeth. This means stronger, healthier and more durable chompers for life. However, adults can also benefit from in-office fluoride treatments. It’s never too late to get a fluoride boost. Choosing fluoride-rich mouth washes and toothpastes are great, but nothing compares to what your local Capital City Dentistry can provide.

Fluoride Treatments: It’s No Chore!

People have different comfort levels when it comes to the dentist. Maybe they hate the sound of drills, have sensitive teeth or had a bad experience in the past. At Capital City Dentistry, this team of experts specializes in making every patient as comfortable as possible. It’s why every procedure is explained, state of the art technology is on hand to make procedures as fast as possible and why general dentistry is the passion. However, of all the tasks at hand during your visit, fluoride is by far the most enjoyable.

What Does Fluoride Do for Columbia, South Carolina Patients?

Contrary to popular belief, your teeth (and their enamel) aren’t foolproof. They battle things daily, from acidic foods to poor brushing habits. They’re prone to cracking, breaking, chipping and getting knocked loose. Fluoride is their armor, making enamel stronger and more capable of the daily grind—including teeth grinding.