Family Dentist

There’s dentistry – and then there’s high quality family dentistry in Columbia, SC. Children of all ages are unique patients that require a lot more TLC (and a glowing chairside manner) than their adult counterparts. That’s why so many families in the area trust these experts to play middleman between child and tooth fairy. From your child’s very first tooth within their first year to having wisdom teeth removed in high school, Capital City Dentistry is with you every step of the way.

boy smiling after visiting columbia south carolina family dentistAs a child, it’s important to establish a foundation for great oral health care. This involves not just educating kids and parents, but also making trips to the dentist fun. Plus, this dental crew is 100 percent committed to making your child as comfortable, safe and happy as possible. Your child should be smiling at the dentist, especially when those teeth are freshly polished.

Reading, Writing and Dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina

It’s not easy to take great care of your teeth, and Capital City Dentistry is your partner during those learning years. Brushing techniques, learning to floss and keeping an eye on emerging adult teeth are all part of our specialty. Of course, kids will be kids, and it’s quite possible your child will experience tooth trauma or another emergency during their recess or afterschool sports career. Whether teeth are “bruised”, chipped, knocked lose or knocked out, this dental crew is available for urgent care.

However, just as important is simply making sure those permanent teeth grow in strong and healthy. This means regular fluoride treatments in-office, making sure there’s no crowding and acting fast if a cavity pops up. For many kids, cavities are an unfortunate side effect of candy binges, subpar brushing at home and sometimes even sheer bad luck. Don’t worry—your Capital City Dentistry team is on your side.

A Family Dentist Visit Makes Kids (School) Picture Perfect

For kids (and adults), it’s not just about having healthy teeth. It’s about having a smile you’re proud of, complete with fresh breath, your whitest white and pink gums. Good looking teeth are intricately connected to self-esteem. When your child has a great smile, they feel great through and through. That’s why the Capital City Dentistry crew practices passionate dentistry (and is the secret weapon behind the best school photos).