Dental Cleanings & Exams

boy getting toothbrush after getting dental cleanings and exams in columbia south carolinaNot every exam and dental cleaning is created equally—which is why Columbia, SC residents depend on Capital City Dentistry for all their picking, polishing and tooth health needs. Each patient’s unique exam and cleaning depends on their age, the health of their teeth, comfort levels and any issues that might be happening. For general dentistry, the team at Capital City Dentistry knows how important it is to make this an enjoyable experience. As adults, the most common reason to miss an appointment is (misplaced) fear. There are a lot of myths about dentistry, like that it hurts or that it’s uncomfortable, but that’s not the case these days.

First, a visual exam is done so hygienists and dentists can see what they’re working with. Next, a “touch exam” is in order. For young children, this is simply looking deeper into the mouth and perhaps feeling for any emerging teeth. As patients get a little older, dental picks are used to see how stubborn plaque is, measure the depth of any decay and to check the sturdiness of any existing fillings. This might sound a little funky to the patient, but it’s a painless process.

Getting Down to Business with Dental Cleanings

How long a cleaning takes is dictated by the health of the teeth. Some patients are better at collecting plaque and buildup than others. This might be from subpar home habits, a penchant for certain foods or sheer bad luck from genetics. For a routine cleaning, adults have decay levels measured, then plaque is scraped off and teeth are polished. For the average younger patient, scraping is minimal and a simple in-office brushing and polishing is all that’s needed.

In some instances, a “deep cleaning” (scaling and root planing) might be in order. However, this is only for teeth with more serious levels of decay or buildup. It’s not painful, but it can take longer. In certain situations, light levels of sedation might be recommended to make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible. After all, it can get tiresome keeping your mouth open for so long.

Our Dental Exams in Columbia, South Carolina

Hygienists and dentists at this office focus on patient comfort and health first. Every move is explained, procedure de-mystified and their chairside manner is spot on. The exam and cleaning might not be the most exciting part of the visit, but it’s certainly the most important. It’s in between those digital X-rays and fluoride treatments, and takes up the bulk of the visit.

However, it’s also what gets those teeth looking Hollywood-ready in just a few minutes.