Digital X-Rays

boy brushing teeth after getting digital x-rays at columbia south carolina dentistDigital X-rays are faster, better and offer less radiation exposure for Columbia, SC patients than in the old days. It’s like comparing a smartphone to your “dumb phone” from ten years ago. There’s simply no comparison (digital wins every time), and yet so many dental clinics around the country still don’t have digital X-ray technology. True, it’s always costly to upgrade your tools to feature the latest, state of the art equipment—but Capital City Dentistry believes patients are worth it. Plus, there are benefits to digital X-rays you just can’t get with older devices. They give you clearer pictures in seconds, which cuts down on appointment times by the bucketful.

Consider this: Digital X-rays are sharper and provide a better image of what’s going on with teeth, jaws and the mouth in general. Root canals are sometimes necessary because there’s infected pulp, and some of those root’s canals can be intricate and very deep. A smidge of infected pulp hidden at the bottom of a small root canal can easily go unnoticed with an old X-ray. However, it’s relatively easy to spot with digital X-rays. Left untreated, “bad pulp” can fester and after a few months, or years, a small problem becomes a huge one.

Speed and Safety Come Together with Digital X-Rays in Columbia, South Carolina

Not only are digital X-rays better at giving dentists and patients a more transparent picture, they also pop up nearly instantly. There was a time when it took seemingly forever to turn an X-ray into a display. Now, as soon as the X-rays are taken, they’re transferred to an on-site computer. Instantaneously, they’re available for viewing. Your dentist can share these images with you, pointing out problem areas. For young patients, this is instant gratification. As an added bonus, how often do you get to sneak a peek into your skeletal system?

Digital X-rays show you cavities, fillings, emerging adult teeth and a host of other happenings going on inside your mouth. It’s a kind of superpower that dentists have, but (just like Batman’s Batmobile) they need the right tools to take down the bad guys. In this instance, it might be an infection, impacted molar or other problem.

Look Good in the Process of X-Rays

Patients still need to wear those heavy bibs for X-rays, but don’t worry—these X-rays are much safer than the ones from your parent’s generation. In fact, the amount of potential radiation exposure is very minimal. Pregnant women should still let their dentists know about baking bundles of joy, but for the most part there’s no need to worry about becoming the next superhero from radiation exposure.