Dental Restorations

girl smiling after receiving dental restorations in columbia south carolinaDental restorations can “restore” teeth to like-new condition, and in Columbia, SC it’s easier than you think. Nothing can actually replace the enamel of a tooth once it’s broken, chipped, worn away or damaged from a cavity. However, you can restore teeth so they’re just as strong, durable—and even look better than they did before. Together with your Capital City Dentistry dentist, you can select the best option for you or your child.

The most common type of restoration is a filling. After a cavity or decay is removed your child will probably need a filling. This filling is typically a metal (amalgam) restoration that is best suited for molars or areas that can’t be seen when a person smiles or talks. These fillings are extremely durable and can last for decades or even a lifetime.

Better than New With Dental Restorations

For teeth that are regularly seen when talking or smiling, restorations that look like natural teeth are popular. These can be made with porcelain or ceramic. These are the same materials used in cosmetic dentistry. As a bonus, a front tooth that needs restoration (either from trauma or decay) can be made to look natural and beautifully perfect at the same time. Talk about giving patients something to smile about!

Moving on Up with Children’s Dentistry in Columbia, South Carolina

Some restorations last a lifetime, while others last a few years. It depends on the material selected, the skill of the dentist and of course the wear and tear on the teeth. Most restorations are relatively quick and easy and at Capital City Dentistry we make the process as smooth as possible.