Dental Emergencies and Trauma

happy girl after being treated for dental emergenciesAccidents happen, and dental emergencies and trauma are relatively common in Columbia, SC—especially on the playground. There’s no denying that children are the most common victims of dental-related accidents. After all, you can’t get through years of kickball, dodgeball, PE, after school sports and monkeying around on the monkey bars without a crash or two. Fortunately, with fast action a lot of dental traumas can be easily and quickly repaired. If your child’s tooth is knocked out take these easy steps to increase the likelihood of saving the tooth.

  1. If possible re-implant the tooth (if it is a choking hazard do not re-implant)
  2. The next option is to place the tooth in milk until you can get to the dentist
  3. Time is of the essence so contact your dentist right away
  4. Re-implantation is only possible within minutes or hours of the trauma

However, if the tooth can’t be “saved”, if it’s chipped, cracked or otherwise better off being extracted, don’t worry. Dental restoration these days is much faster and more beautiful than it was in the past. In fact, with a skilled dentist at the helm nobody will be able to even tell there was damage. However, this doesn’t minimize the scare factor when you or your child have a tooth emergency.

What to Do During Dental Emergencies

When in doubt, call Capital City Dentistry. You don’t have time to research the severity of a loose tooth, one that’s turning black or gauging how serious a crack is. It’s natural to want urgent care, and sometimes it’s necessary. Too much online research will scare you, but heading straight to the ER can be a waste of time and money (after all, those doctors aren’t dentists).

The general rule of thumb? If a tooth is in place and not painful, it can probably wait until office hours. It’s natural for a traumatized tooth to feel a little sensitive or bruised. However, if there’s a shooting pain then there might be an exposed nerve and you shouldn’t wait until morning.

Teeth Aren’t So Durable: Avoid Dental Trauma in Columbia, South Carolina

Teeth are bones, and some of them are thinner (and more fragile) than others. They can be chipped, broken, cracked, knocked loose or totally knocked out of the mouth. This is scary and can come with a lot of blood, but this trauma often looks worse than it is. In some instances, though, fast action is vital in order to relieve intense pain or save a loose tooth, and that’s when Capital City Dentistry is at your service.